Thursday, November 20, 2008

Help Make Cloth Diapers Made Simple Even Better-be a guest blogger!

I absolutely welcome reader participation and appreciate everyone who reads and recommends Cloth Diapers Made Simple. Cloth diapering can be intimidating, and it's so important for cloth diapering parents to spread their enthusiasm and knowledge. Here's how you can contribute and make the blog even better!

  • Comments! I love reading what readers think, and am excited whenever I see a new comment.

  • Submit a picture. I'd love to get some Wordless Wednesdays going, but only have so many of my own really cute pictures to share. Please send your cute cloth diapering pictures to and put "Wordless Wednesday" in the subject line. Please add in the e-mail that the picture you are sending in is yours to send and that you give permission to post it on Cloth Diapers Made Simple.

  • Submit a post. Is there a cloth diapering topic you're just itching to tell about? Guest bloggers are important for offering a different view or opinion and keeping things fresh. Use the contact form to submit your post. You can also e-mail it to or e-mail to discuss your idea.

*During the Green Quiz Quest (7/1-7/31/10), submit an original (of your writing) post of 250 words or more and receive 200 Booty Bucks. That qualifies you for a $5 Booty Bucks Rewards Certificate at Snooty Booty Diapers! The topic must be related to cloth diapering. Limit 200 Booty Bucks for submitting posts per customer during promotion period. In submitting the post, you agree that any grammatical or spelling errors may be corrected. Topics that relate to products at Snooty Booty Diapers will link to applicable pages on the site. I reserve the right to deny any material that is offensive, libelous or not in keeping with the blog's focus.

Thank you for your help!