Saturday, December 13, 2008

PUL, OBV, mircofiber-What are all these fabrics?

Now that you know a little more about the kinds of cloth diapers, you may be wondering what all these weird fabrics are. Here are the basics:

PUL: short for polyurethane laminate. This is laminated fabric that is used for waterproof outer coverings. Pocket diapers and many covers are made of PUL.

microfiber: This is the material many inserts are made out of. Microfiber holds a lot of liquid and is not very bulky.

hemp: Hemp is also very absorbent, but is a natural fiber. It is also used to make inserts.

bamboo: Bamboo is becoming more and more popular in the cloth diapering world! The three most common kinds are bamboo velour, bamboo terry, and bamboo fleece. Bamboo is wonderfully soft and fairly absorbent. It is used for both the outside and inside of many diapers.

microfleece: This is the stay-dry inner of most pockets

suedecloth-This is also a stay-dry fabric of some pocket diapers

Diaper fabrics also include flannel, cotton, wool and velour, among others. You're probably familiar with these.