Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cloth Diapering a Newborn

Many CDing moms that post online talk about their excitement in diapering a newborn. One look at newborn diapers, and it's easy to see why. Newborn diapers are so teeny and cute-put them on a teeny, cute baby and it's irresistable!

We didn't cloth diaper our first daughter until about 5 months, so this was my first try at diapering a newborn. After 6 weeks with our new baby, I'm not an expert, but I am happy to share my experience.

We chose not to use cloth diapers in the hospital. I did not trust the nurses to know what to do, and didn't really have the energy to teach them about the diapers. Those two days flew by as it was, and we were soon at home with our cloth diapers.

The biggest issue I had with any kind of diaper the first two weeks was with the umblicial cord. Disposables are easy enough to fold down, even if it did compromise the fit. Unless I was using a prefold, I couldn't fold down the cloth. It took a few times to really get a prefold fit that I was comfortable with and that didn't aggravate the cord. If this is a source of stress to you, I would recommend not using cloth until the cord falls off.

After the cord fell off, I was in love with my cloth! Our first daughter had an almost constant rash and was always slathered with cream. Our newborn started getting a rash which cleared up as soon as we used our cloth. From time to time she gets a little red, but it goes right away with our rash sticks that we use. We use both the Magic Stick and Bum Magic. They are both safe for cloth diapers and work really well for us. Best of all, it's a stick that you put right on the bottom-no getting goopy cream on your fingers and having to rub it off!

Having enough diapers: I found that having about 40 diapers was VERY comfortable for me. This was a mixture of newborn and small diapers. I had a little of everything-prefolds, fitteds, pockets, AIOs. I had 6 newborn covers as well. You can get by on about 24-30 diapers if you wash more often. Just remember that newborns go through diapers a lot faster than infants and toddlers.

Poop: If you breastfeed exclusively, poop is no problem. We did not rinse or scrape any of it off. BF poo is very soluble, so we were able to just drop these right into the washer. Nice, clean diapers came out each time!

As for the diapers themselves? I'll update more on them in another post. :)