Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cloth wipes

Cloth wipes and cloth diapers seem to go hand in hand. Yet many people who cloth diaper don't use cloth wipes. I didn't right away. I've observed that those who cloth diaper right from the beginning seem to use cloth wipes from the start. Those who get into it later on tend to try out cloth wipes after they've established comfort with cloth diapering.

A few months after we started using cloth diapers, I was ready to consider a more natural wipe option. We tried cloth wipes and I've never looked back! I feel that cloth wipes keep our daughter's bottoms cleaner. Often we use just plain water on the wipes. There are lots of wipes solutions out there. Snooty Booty carries some great wipes cubes from Breezy Bug Boutique. You can also check out some homemade solutions here.

As for the wipes themselves, they come in many different fabrics, often ones used in diaper making: sherpa, terry, velour, bamboo, flannel, fleece. Our personal preference is terry or velour. We find that we need less cloth wipes than disposables, since the fabric "grips" the mess so well.

To have wipes ready, we use a squirt bottle and wet them as needed. Some people keep dampened ones in a disposable wipe container. Just make sure not to wet too many at once, or they can mildew after sitting a while.

Can cloth wipes save you money? Absolutely! If you are handy with sewing, you can probably whip up a stash of wipes out of old shirts, towels, etc. Even if you have to buy them, a supply of 36 can cost as little at $36. You'll certainly pay more for disposable wipes over the course of your child's diapering years.

I've noticed that many non-cloth diapering parents use washcloths as wipes due to skin sensitivity. The great thing with cloth wipes is that you can truly customize the wipes solution as needed. Add as little or as much as you need to the solution!

Consider cloth wipes today! Have a great wipes solution? Leave a comment with your recipe!


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I love my cloth wipes!

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