Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddies and Diapers

Really, this post should have been called-"Anyone who is confused by putting on cloth diapers and needs a simple diaper change," but that would have been way too long. While I may be unfair to dads right now, my husband was the inspiration for this post, so there you go.

My husband tries his best, but is often confused by all of the diaper kinds in our collection. While it is simple for me, he has a hard time remembering what needs a cover, what to use a liner with, etc. His diapering "incidents" have included using a pocket diaper with no insert (although he did remember a liner) and squeezing our toddler into a newborn diaper.

Upon asking him how to make it simple for him, he said that he wanted one set of rules for the diapers. He's fine with velcro or snaps, but can't figure out all the different kinds. Since we have so many kinds, one set of rules isn't really possible. What I've done is make sure there are plenty of diapers within easy reach and all ready to go. If you have caregivers, grandparents or dads who are a little apprehensive about diapering, here are some tips:

-Have a stack of diapers ready to go in an easy to reach location. Put any inserts or liners into the diaper, or have accessories like Snappis and pins within easy reach.
-Consider velcro or aplix closures for these diaper changes. As this closure is most like a disposable, the diaper will be easy for anyone to put on. This may also be easier for those with arthritis.
-If you have more than one in diapers, consider one-size diapers for apprehensive changers. This way, any diaper will work for any diaper change, no matter which child needs changing.
-Educate anyone changing your child about cloth diapers. Show them how to use laundry tabs. If they are washing the diapers, tell them your laundry routine.
-If you only use prefolds, consider using the trifold for those unsure of a Snappi or pins.
-I usually tell anyone changing my children to just throw the diapers in the wet bag. That way they aren't burdened with any "extra work."

As everyone becomes more comfortable with the diapers, you can opt to mix in different kinds. Just remember to always explain what to do. The more people that develop a positive attitude about cloth diapering, the better!


LittlePeopleWealth said...

LOL - I like the "real" title! Great post :)