Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Quest for a Trim Diaper

When I first stared cloth diapering, I was very excited. I changed my daughter way more often than I needed to- putting on these cute diapers was fun! As much as I loved the diapers, however, they took some getting used to. They were all much bulkier than the disposable diapers I was used to. I decided this wouldn't do, and so began the quest for the perfect trim diaper.

I find that this experience is a common one. Cloth diapers are definitely bulkier than dry disposables, and this can cause trouble fitting into certain pants and provoke rude comments from people unsupportive of cloth diapering. I've read so many posts by new cloth diaperers asking for recommendations for a trim diaper. I could have written them myself. After countless hours of reading reviews and recommendations, I found some trim diapers that fit and work well:
Swaddlebees side snapping diapers: These are very trim in the crotch and fit my daughters well. We've never had any trouble fitting into any pants with these, but I find the fit is best with a Swaddlebees insert. Most of the others are too wide.

Knickernappies diapers: These are not quite as trim as Swaddlebees, but still trimmer than many other diapers. It's easier to find an insert to fit in these. I do like them a lot more for my 2 month old than my 2 year old, but they work well for both.

Daisy Doodles: These diapers are by far the trimmest I've tried. They almost seem too trim in the crotch, but we've never had a leak with them. You have the option of mircofiber or hemp soakers. Great diapers, and pretty cute.

Just as I started finding trim diapers I liked, I began to get used to a fluffy, cloth-diapered bottom. I'm happy using all kinds. One thing I've found is that as my daughters reach the middle to upper limits of the size range, the diapers are much trimmer. The same medium FuzziBunz that my daughter wore when she was 6 months old are now wonderfully trim-fitting even at 2 years.

Do you need to size up on pants? This depends. Most of the pants we use are fine with cloth diapers, even jeans. As my daughters start to outgrow the pants, it does make it harder to fit the diapers underneath. This is when I use my trim diapers. One benefit of cloth? Unlike disposables, they don't get bulkier as they get wetter. The fit is the same wet and dry.

If you are an experienced cloth user, you may relate to this post and have found the love for a fluffy bottom. If you are newer to diapering, you may be on the trim quest right now. I'm sure you'll find a good diaper that works for you, but you'll also become accustomed to a fluffier (and cuter) behind :)


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