Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finding a Love for Prefolds

After deciding to take the plunge and cloth diaper, I was surprised at the cost of cloth. After researching all the different kinds of diapers and looking for a cost-effective option, I read up on prefold diapers and quickly dismissed them. I wanted something with the ease of a disposable, and prefolds didn't fit this description.

A few weeks into cloth diapering, I had fully caught the cloth diapering bug! I felt more confident in myself and ordered a Thirsties cover and some prefolds to try out. I wasn't brave enough for a Snappi yet, and just trifolded the prefold into the cover. It was much easier than I thought it would be, but I wasn't convinced quite yet. I pretty much used the prefolds as inserts for a few months.

After a while, I was ready to brave a Snappi. I have tried to pin, and am just not a pinner-I cannot get a tight fit. I had a lot of fun attempting different folds and seeing what fit worked best for my daughter. Trifolding is great, but the Snappi really helped me to find the prefold love!

I go in and out of phases where I use one kind of diaper over another. Sometimes I'm mostly a pockets gal, other times fitteds, other times prefolds. I love prefolds for their breathability. They are great to use in the winter under wool or fleece pants. Prefolds are also very easy to launder, provide great all-natural fabrics against my daughters' bottoms and are so absorbent! Prefolds and fleece covers work so well for us at night. Even though they aren't stay-dry, the natural fabrics work well with our daughters' skin overnight.

If attempting prefolds for the first time, don't be scared. Do be sure to prep them fully-they will need several washes to become fully absorbent. Prefolds are cheap enough that you can try a half dozen and use them as inserts if you aren't totally in love. You really can't lose!