Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Out with Cloth Diapers

Many people often start cloth diapering in stages. If parents are feeling overwhelmed, I suggest starting during the day at home. When they are comfortable with this, they might progress to cloth diapering at night. Eventually, it's time to cloth diaper out of the house.

Cloth diapering out of the house is not too different from using cloth diapers at home. After a few trips out, you'll find they are as easy to travel with as disposable diapers. Here are some considerations:

Diaper bag: Cloth diapers do take up more room in the diaper bag than disposable diapers, but with some good planning, you shouldn't have too much trouble fitting everything in. With one child, I found that having 3 diapers was more than enough for a day out. With 2 children, holding 6 diapers is a tight fit. To make it easier, I used one-size diapers and brought along 4-5. That way, no matter who needed a change, there was a diaper that fit.

Now, I am loving AI2 (all in two) one size diapers like GroBaby and Softbums. Instead of changing the whole diaper, you just take out the soaker and snap a new one in. I just stick in 2 extra shells, some soakers, and I have plenty of changes without too much bulk.

Wet bag: You'll need a place to keep your dirty diapers. A wet bag is a great diapering accessory-it's waterproof and helps to keep messes and smells away from the rest of your diaper bag. I prefer wet bags with zippers, but wet bags with a string closure are a more cost effective option.

Wipes: Many people choose to use disposable wipes on the go. If you do want to use cloth wipes, a small wet bag works well. Simply wet the wipes so that they are damp, throw them in the wet bag, and go.

Diaper cream: Whether or not you use cloth diapers, a rash stick is great because you don't have to get any cream on your hands!

Diapering on the go really is easy. After a few trips, you'll wonder why you ever worried about it!