Friday, March 20, 2009

Snaps or Velcro?

Sometimes questions like these seem trivial or silly, but they can weigh heavily on a cloth diapering parent about to invest hundreds of dollars in diapers. Snaps and velcro (also called aplix, hook and loop, touchtape) are both equally popular for diapers, and parents' needs usually determine which one they pick.

Snaps are great for durability and laundry. With no laundry tabs to worry about and nothing to snag in the wash, they are great for just tossing in the machine. They don't lose stickiness, are good for children who become diaper Houdinis and are great for trim side-snapping diapers.

Why not snaps, then? Velcro is better for adjustability, since you don't have to rely solely on the snap positioning to get a good fit. While snaps aren't hard, many people who are hesitant to cloth diaper and many caregivers lean towards velcro since they mimic the function of disposable diapers more closely.

For our stash, we have a mixture of both. I don't really prefer one over the other, and I like trying new diapers too much to exclude a whole class of diapers from testing :)


Sheryl said...

I've noticed that, over time, my velcro diapers fall apart much more than my snap diapers. I had lots of Bum Genius velcro diapers and the tabs stopped sticking to the laundry tabs, and started sticking to everything else in the laundry! For this reason, I sold all of them and purchased all new ones for my second son. I've found that the diapers offer so many snap possibilities, it is easy to adjust. But, yes, most caregivers are more familiar with the velcro style and like it better.

Michelle said...

Sheryl-you're right, a lot of people like snaps for the durability. As easy as velcro is, I do find that many people don't "get" the laundry tabs, so I'm forever resticking them before I throw them in the wash. I've been lucky and haven't had the issues that many have had with the Bum Genius tabs. I'm not exactly sure why, so I can't say what the secret is!

Megan said...

Michelle, do snaps work well for a child on the small side of the spectrum? I would love to try snaps, but I am afraid that I just won't be able to get a good fit. My son is becoming quite the Houdini, too!

Michelle said...

Megan, my older daughter is tall but very slim and we've never had a problem with snaps. While they are not as adjustable as velcro, I don't think they'd be any harder to use on small babies. Diapers with 2 rows of snaps are usually more adjustable, since you can have the leg and waist set at different sizes.

Mama Notes said...

I am using bum genius and fuzzi bunz and I already know that the fuzzi bunz will last much longer. Its only been a few washes and I can already see the velcro starting to wear. ( Just a tiny little bit) but over time, you want these diapers to last as long as possible considering the initial investement you're spending!

But then there is also the issue of the one size lasting longer vs. the different sized fuzzi bunz...I like both for different reasons so right now I have about 50/50. :)