Friday, March 13, 2009

Wetbags-A Great Diapering Accessory

In the interest of keeping cloth diapering simple, it seems that extra accessories would just complicate matters. In some cases, it's true. It's not necessary for every cloth-diapering family to own every since available accessory. There are some accessories, however, that I absolutely recommend, and a wetbag is one of them.

What is a wetbag? It's a waterproof bag that you can toss any wet or soiled diapers and clothing.
When you are going out with cloth diapers, a wetbag is great for keeping the rest of your diaper bag dry and odor-free. Unlike the many diaper options, wetbags are fairly straightforward. Most close with a zipper or pull-string. I prefer wetbags with zippers. Mommy's Touch makes a great no-frills wetbag. For lots of fun prints, try Wahmies. Pull string wetbags from Natural Baby Company are a great inexpensive option.

When laundering, I simply toss the wetbag in with my diapers. I've never had a problem throwing them in the dryer either, but follow the washing instructions on your wetbag, as it may advise you not to.

I love using a wetbag with my cloth diapers, but wetbags are also great for families that don't cloth-diaper or don't have children in diapers. They make great bags for the beach or pool. Storing a wet bathing suit is so simple with a wetbag.

Such a versatile accessory is a must have! Between now and March 31st, save 10% (or more) on all wetbags and pail liners.