Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cloth Menstrual Pads

I didn't realize it, but for years I was never a fan of disposable menstrual products. How didn't I realize it? I thought that the irritation and discomfort I experienced each month was just me, or just a normal occurrence. After starting with cloth diapers, I began reading about cloth menstrual pads. Since I wanted less chemicals against my child's skin, why not less chemicals against my own? I was first drawn in by how pretty they were, but soon fell in love with their comfort. I realize now that I probably had a sensitivity to disposable menstrual products, and that's what caused my discomfort each month.

I'm so glad that I made the switch to cloth pads-they are pretty and makes that time just a teeny bit more enjoyable. Using them post-partum, I definitely saved money and a lot of waste in my garbage. And after buying all those cute diapers, it was fun to buy some fluff for myself!

Cloth pads use similar fabrics that cloth diapers use-PUL, fleece, microfleece, bamboo, wool...
I love velour pads for daytime use. Flannel and cotton are great, too. For nighttime, I prefer fleece-topped pads, as they offer a more dry feeling. Knickernappies has some velour pads that are stackable for customization. Mommy's Touch makes some great fleece pads, and WillowPads has some wonderful organic cotton flannel pads. For those that prefer internal protection, you may want to consider the Diva Cup.

If you can't justify buying anymore diapers, you may want to consider cloth pads. It's a great excuse to buy more fluff!