Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cloth nursing pads

If you're like many nursing mothers, you experience some milk leakage. I found that leaks occurred regularly in the first couple months of nursing, gradually tapering off as my body regulated its supply more effectively. Unless you don't mind wet clothing and uncomfortable glances, you'll need some nursing pads to control the leaks.

Unlike menstrual pads, I find that many moms gravitate towards reusable nursing pads. It could be because they blend in better under clothing or because they are readily available next to other nursing supplies in major stores. I have found though, that not all cloth pads are created equal.

With my first child, I bought generic nursing pads available where I registered. They worked, but I did not find them to be very absorbent or comfortable. With my second child, I wanted something different. As with cloth menstrual pads, I gravitated towards comfy or stay-dry fabrics. Velour, microfleece, organic cotton-I found these to be more comfortable than the scrunchy flannel pads I'd previously used. With many WAHM brands, I also found that there were different pad sizes to better accommodate my size and absorbency needs. For nighttime and in the beginning stages of nursing, PUL backing helped to keep my top layers dry. Stay-dry fabrics were also a plus at this time, since I always felt wet with my old pads.

If you are nursing, definitely consider cloth nursing pads. Your baby has direct contact with the surfaces the pads cover, so it's a good idea to keep your pads as natural and chemical-free as you can!