Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dryer Balls

For the month of April, I wanted to focus on some other great reusable products that help to cut down on garbage and waste in your home. I found dryer balls because I needed a cloth diaper-safe solution for keeping diapers and clothes soft. Dryer balls are definitely a product that I'll use after our cloth diapering days are over.

While it's true that dryer sheets don't really create a lot of garbage, they add fragrance and chemicals to clothes that you may not want. Dryer sheets are not good for cloth diapers. While most people don't have an issue using them on other loads and just keeping them out of the dryer for diapers, others find the build-up in their dryer is not good for their diapers.

There are two kinds of dryer balls I've found. One are the plastic PVC balls in many stores. The other are WAHM-made wool dryer balls. I opted for the wool dryer balls. I liked the natural fabrics and liked supporting a WAHM at the same time! I started with just one pair, and worked up to 3 pairs. This is a great number for keeping all our laundry nice and soft. Dryer balls don't seem to help much with static, but they don't add to it, nor do I find that they add lint.

Dryer balls also help save energy by cutting drying time. Softer clothes, faster drying, reusable-dryer balls are a great solution for saving money and saving energy!

Eventually I would like to carry dryer balls in my store, since they compliment cloth diapers so well. While I investigate that possibility, check out some of the great WAHMs that currently make them. I got my latest set at Upcycle Mama. Besides dryer balls, this eco-conscious WAHM has some other cute products in her store!


wifeandmom said...

This sounds great! I have thought about dryer balls but when I look at the plastic ones in the stores, they look like they could tear up my diapers. I've never heard of wool dryer balls. Will definitely check this option out.