Monday, May 4, 2009

2 Years of Cloth Diapering!

April was a very busy month for Snooty Booty Diapers, which is great, but left me with less time than I wanted for the blog. I managed to send a quick tweet about our 2 year diapering anniversary, but that was about it. When we first started diapering, I had no idea the interest would take me to Snooty Booty.

The very first cloth diaper we used was a medium butter Fuzzi Bunz. It's still in our rotation today, and fit our older daughter from 5 months to potty training! If you are interested in Fuzzi Bunz, medium is definitely the longest lasting size. It does seem, though that with the new version that small lasts a long while as well.

Some other diapers we used right from the beginning were, Drybees, Bum Genius, and Mommy's Touch. While I started out a pocket girl, I quickly tried other kinds of diapers and now use a whole range! I'm happy to say that all of those first diapers are still in our rotation. They may not look as pretty, but with some good cleaning of the velcro, they still work great. I do feel that I may have to replace the elastic in a couple, but can't really complain about how they've held up through 2 years, many changes and runs through the washer.

In 2 years, I've never regretted the decision to cloth diaper. I've learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and saved a lot of money! My advice to someone on the fence would be to just try it out. Get a couple in a few different brands you're interested in and test it out! I have some sample packages available. The financial committment won't be that great, and you'll get an idea if cloth diapers are for you. You many not love them, but you may become addicted!