Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knickernappies One Size Update

I promised I'd update on the Knickernappies One Size diaper. It arrived yesterday and I promptly tossed it in the washer to get it ready!
I opted for a diaper with the LoopyDo inserts. As usual, I'm always surprised at how quickly the inserts dry. They were ready to go after a 1/2 hour in the dryer on low heat. They won't reach full absorbency for a few washes, but I was too impatient to try the diaper :)

As I predicted, the medium-short size was just perfect for my daughter. We could have made the medium work, but the rise would have been a bit too long. I'm glad the extra size option was there!

Like sized Knickernappies, the side snaps were very adjustable and we were able to get a great fit on the legs and waist. Unlike the sized diapers, the one size has no elastic across the front. I love this feature! It allows the diaper to sit so nicely on the tummy. Very soft and smooth. The diaper wore well and left no red marks. I don't find it as trim as the sized Knickernappies, although I didn't really expect to. I loved how smooth it was across the tummy and the back was very trim as well, trimmer than some other one-size diapers. The snap-down feature added a little bulk to the front, but no more so than other one-size diapers.

My overall opinion? I really like the diaper and look forward to using it again. It's trimmer than some other one-size diapers, but not as trim as the sized Knickernappies. My favorite features of the diaper are the trim behind and smooth tummy. I'm pleased that the waist and legs are just as adjustable as the sized version. The four setting sizes are another plus. The only thing I found myself wishing was that it had internal adjustment like Rocky Mountain Diapers or Softbums. You can't have everything, though!

It's another quality product, as I've found all Knickernappies products to be. I'm glad that this is another diaper I can proudly recommend! Shipment of these diapers is expected next week-I'll update on Twitter and Facebook. For a limited time, shipping on this and all Knickernappies products will be free with code "KND."