Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 products to keep when diapering is done

Since beginning cloth diapering, I've heard many people using prefold diapers for a variety of uses: changing mats, burp cloths, cleaning rags, car cloths, etc. This is not surprising to me-I used prefolds as burp cloths before I even starting using cloth diapers. I always expected, though, that when the diaper days were over, so would my prefold use.

Then, my older daughter spilled her juice. No towels were handy, so I grabbed a prefold that was in a pile of too-small diapers. It cleaned up the spill quicky and effectively. I really shouldn't have been surprised-they are diapers after all-but I was. I quickly moved the prefolds from my "sell" pile to my cleaning cabinet.

After that, I thought about other products I'll likely keep when our diapering days are over. Here are 4 more items to round out the top five:
2. wet bag- I've always known that wetbags are wonderful for many uses. For the gym, beach or pool, they are great to keep wet clothing away from dry items.
3. doorknob diaper pail- This handy bag from Knickernappies makes a great laundry bag in tight spaces and small bathrooms. It's also great for storing small laundry articles, like socks!
4. dryer balls-I don't think I'll ever go back to dryer sheets. Dryer balls help our laundry stay soft, and they never "run out."
5. rash sticks-In addition to keeping our daughters' bottoms rash free, diaper sticks are great for chapped skin and rough skin patches.

Take a look at the diapering products around your home. Chances are, you'll realize that cloth diapering has opened your eyes to some great items you can no longer live without!



Sanity said...

The mini shower is the one I never thought I would use after diapering days, but it is SOOOOO handy for so many things....from after BD'ing clean-up, to use as a cold water bidet, to cleaning up and rinsing out the puke bucket....

Michelle said...

I've actually seen sprayers marketed as bidet substitutes, so that makes sense! It's one of those things you think you don't need, but then find you can't live without (like my garbage disposer).