Monday, June 8, 2009

All-in-Two Diapers

All-in-two (AI2) diapers have been around a while. Lately the style of diaper has gotten more attention with 2 popular AI2 diapers now on the market- Gro Baby and Softbums. Here are some questions that can help you decide if this kind of diaper is good for you.

What is an all-in-two? An all-in-two diaper consists of a waterproof cover or shell and a soaker. The soaker often snaps in, but can lay in as well. Instead of changing the whole diaper at a change, you can just take out the soiled soaker and snap in a fresh one.

How is this different than a pocket? A pocket is designed for a single use. Instead of stuffing the pocket with an insert, the soaker is on top of the cover.

Isn't this like a cover and tri-folded prefold? It is a very similar system. The main difference is the soaker itself-it can be made of many different materials, include a stay-dry top, etc. The soakers often snap-in, which is not possible with a prefold.

How many changes per cover? You can expect about 3.

What if the cover is damp? If your cover is a little damp, you can rinse it and reuse later. They dry quickly!

What about poop? Should I change the cover? If the cover is not dirty, it's your call. Personally, I like to change the whole diaper whenever poo is involved!

Any advantages to other systems? Per change, AI2s are cheaper than AIOs and pocket diapers. They make great diaper bag diapers, as packing an extra cover and a few soakers is less bulky.
Now is a great time to check out the Gro Baby and Softbums systems! Gro Baby in all colors, including vanilla and vanilla with snaps is due out later this month. New Softbums colors are expected this week!



Tiana said...

I've tried the grobaby diapers, but not the softbums. What are the differences, in your opinion? Advantages/Disadvantages to each?

I tend to think that AI2s are the future of cloth diapering, because they are so much less expensive for the whole system than pocket diapers, and because of how much less space they take up, especially in the diaper bag. The only thing I don't like is how much you have to get your hands into a wet diaper to take it apart. Do you see any solutions to this?

Michelle said...

There are a few differences between the Gro Baby and Softbums, which create different advantages/disadvantages.

The Softbums diapers have a higher rise. Since you adjust the diaper with a toggle switch, you can get an extremely customized fit. No dealing with pre-set snap settings. While this is great, it makes Softbums less ideal for switching between kids of 2 sizes. It's easier to just set the size and keep it there. They are very trim and have the option of 3 different kinds of soakers.

GroBaby is very easy to adjust. Some people want a stay-dry soaker, and this is not yet available on the GroBaby. Others have commented that they don't like "squishing" the soaker on the smaller settings. I think this diaper is really trim as well.

As for touching the wet soaker, I usually just grab it with a wipe. I'll have to see if anyone else has some good tips with this!