Saturday, June 13, 2009

Share your Daddies and Diapers Stories!

In the cloth diapering world, I mostly deal with moms. Most orders are made by women, many diapering items are proudly made by moms, diapering forums are mostly female. When I hear about daddies and diapers, it's often someone looking for advice about "easy diapers" or the "best way to get your DH on board."

With Father's Day right around the corner, I was reflecting on some funny (and cute) things my own husband has done with cloth:
  • He once squeezed my 2 year/26 lb. daughter into a newborn diaper. When asked if anything was wrong, he shrugged and said, "Well the diaper seemed a little tight, but not that bad."
  • After listening to me explain how pocket diapers work and seeing the stack of prepared diapers, he decided to use an unstuffed pocket. Instead of stuffing it, he put in on our daughter empty. He did, however, remember to add a flushable liner on top.
  • My husband has learned to use a prefold and Snappi and does a pretty good job!
  • Each time he puts on a diaper with aplix, he says, "I like this diaper. It's easy!"
  • He has greatly resisted using cloth wipes. He'll use them, but doesn't like them. He loves to take a disposable wipe to our daughter's bottom after some changes to "prove" the cloth missed something. So far, the disposables have come clean every time :)

I'd love to hear some stories about other daddies and diapering experiences/adventures. These can be funny stories, cute stories, stories about ruined diapers, stories about supportive fathers, whatever! Between now and June 20th, please e-mail your stories to On Father's Day June 21st, I'll post my favorite story (and maybe a few runners-up). The submitter of my favorite story will win a free diaper of her (or his) choice ($20 retail value or less).

I can't wait to hear your experiences!



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