Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Daddy!

I received a lot of wonderful stories about dads who are very supportive in all aspects of family life, not just diapering. Each time I received an e-mail, I thought, "What a great dad and husband!" Brooke S.'s story really caught my attention. A lot of men would have been uncomfortable in his situation, but he took it in stride:

I had been discussing using cloth diapers since I found out I was pregnant in September of 2008. He had the normal reservations about using cloth including "How do you know if they are really clean?" "You mean you put the poopy diapers in the washer!" "Isn't it a lot of hard work?" But as time wore on I had showed him all sorts of articles and information about how it's actually healthy for the baby and so much more environmentally friendly. He finally started talking like we might actually use them!So two months before our little boy was supposed to arrive, the Navy sent him to Missouri for a month of training. He was in this little small town in Missouri where he saw a flyer for a cloth diapering class in a nearby town and he told me about it. Thinking he would never actually do it, I told him "You ought to go! Then you can find out all about cloth diapering and even see some for yourself." One thing I must credit my husband with is that when he is researching something, he is very thorough. He went to the class! As you can imagine, it was a class full of ladies, and he was the only man in attendance. My husband learned a lot and made me proud. After that he was all for cloth diapering and felt more connected to the cause. I couldn't be luckier to have such a supportive husband and he has been a lot of help in researching what products to buy for our little [boy] (who was born a month early and my husband had to fly back early from Missouri!).

Congratulations to Brooke! I appreciate everyone who sent in a story. While I can't give everyone a diaper, I have sent you a coupon to you. Thank you so much!