Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thoughts

Just some questions that come to my mind in my experiences with cloth diapers:

Does it seem that mail arrives later (or takes longer to arrive, period) on days when you are expecting fluff?

Does your mail carrier know about the different kinds of diapering options available today?

Do you pick out your child's outfits according what matches with your currently clean diapers?

Do you check out the bottoms of other babies to figure out if they're cloth diapered?

Do you get excited when it's time to change a diaper?

Does your child seem to poop 5 minutes after you put on a brand new diaper? (No testing the absorbency that time!)

Will you be just a little sad when your last child potty-trains?



dannyscotland said...

Yes, I think the mail is later when I'm expecting diapers, I absolutely match her outfits to her diapers whenever possible, I check other babies for cloth diapers, and although I don't get excited to change a diaper, I certainly don't dread it. And of course she poops right after I put on a clean one! Finally,I am definitely a little sad about the prospect of potty training!

Calley said...

OMG-Love the post! SOOOOOO TRUE!

Sheche said...

Hahahaha! this was hilarious... so true, so true...