Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diapers I'm Reaching for First

I often get asked what the "best diaper" is or what my favorite is. It's always hard to give an opinion on the best diaper, since there are so many diapers, body types and lifestyles. We use so many different diapers, it's hard to say which is my absolute favorite. Instead of giving a clear answer, it's easier for me to say which diapers I reach for first.

If you have a stash of more than one kind of diaper, you probably know what I mean by this. Given a selection of clean, ready to use diapers, there are some you'd choose over others. Some diapers are always used and end up in each wash load. Others always seem to sit at the bottom of the stack, or are your "just in case" or laundry day diapers.

For me, I go through phases. Sometimes a wash load is mostly prefolds, other times I use up all of my pocket diapers, or all of a particular brand. How a diaper is fitting my daughter at that moment, her absorbency needs, all of these factor into what I reach for first. Often, it's simply a new diaper that I'm enjoying for the first few times.

So, what am I reaching for first right now?
Prefolds under a Thirsties Duo Wrap or Booroi cover. These are two new covers and I haven't gotten my fill yet :)
Knickernappies One Size
and, a bamboo one size AIO I'm testing out. It's always the one I reach for VERY first!

What are you reaching for first right now?


dannyscotland said...

Prefolds with Wonder Wraps (the old colors that I like a LOT better than the new colors) when I'm at home, Bumgenius! if I'm going out.