Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dealing with Poo Part 2

In the last post, I discussed how easy it is to care for diapers with newborn solids. Sadly, we have left behind the newborn poo stage. It's exciting to watch my younger daughter grow and try new foods, but it can make diaper laundry a little messier. My options for keeping my diapers clean as simply as possible:

Do nothing. Some babies have naturally wonderful digestive systems that keeps all of their solid waste...solid. There's little to do besides put the waste into the toilet where it belongs. I was lucky enough to have this with my older daughter about half of the time. So easy, so simple! The other half of the time...

Diaper sprayer. Many parents resist hooking up a diaper sprayer at first, and I was one of those people. It just seemed hard and messy and annoying. I was wrong. A diaper sprayer is fairly easy to attach and does not have to be messy. Before trying on a dirty diaper, test out the spray and water pressure of your sprayer on a clean diaper. You'll get a sense of how to best point the nozzle for best spraying. For us, the lower I hold the diaper over the toilet, the easier it is to keep everything clean.

Liners. Diaper liners are a great choice for those who can't or don't want to hook up a sprayer. Disposable liners can go right into the toilet and flush away. You do want to make sure, though, that your system can handle the liners. Fleece liners or silk liners provide a stay-dry barrier for prefolds and other diapers as well as making it easier to clean your diapers. It's much simpler to clean waste off of a liner than an entire diaper. I don't use liners all the time, but if I'm expecting something messy, I stick one in.

Dunk and swish. This option is not nearly as terrible as it sounds. Besides being a cheap option, it uses no extra water or diaper resources. For cleanest results, remove the insert from a pocket diaper or detach the soaker from a shell. Dunk as few parts as possible. If using liners, it's much easier to dunk a liner over a whole diaper. Have a wetbag or diaper pail nearby for easy diaper transfer.

Some people scrape off solids, but I've never found a convenient way to do this. It's much easier for me to use one of the above methods. If you have any great tips, please share!


dannyscotland said...

I used to do the dunk and swish, but then my daughter's formula changed, and so did everything else. It was horrible. We changed the formula again, and that's helped, but then I got a diaper sprayer and I have never been happier!!! The thing is totally worth the money!!!