Saturday, August 22, 2009

Diapering a wiggly baby

There's a certain time in every baby's development that parents dread. It may happen at 6 months, at 10 months or a year, but it will happen. Your baby will not want to sit still during a diaper change. A few days of trying to get a diaper on a rolling, flipping baby and many are asking for a simpler diaper solution.

My daughter is almost 9 months old, and diaper changes can sometimes be a challenge. It's not a given, but I am always aware that I may have to fasten the diaper on a baby that wants nothing more than to get back on the go. Here are some tips that may help:

Have something new and novel for the baby to hold during the change. It needs to stay new and novel, or your baby will quickly lose interest.

Change in the crib. We've given up on using the changing table. Just about the only time my daughter is in her crib is when I'm changing the diaper. I keep one side dropped down and change her diaper in this mini cage. It contains the area she's able to wiggle in and can help the diaper get on faster.

Go with one step changes. If using prefolds, trifold in the cover head of time. Use velcro pockets or all-in-ones (or twos) for fastest changing.

If continuing to Snappi or pin the prefold, try to do it backwards. Some people have great success fastening the prefold in the back. This allows your child to play on their stomachs while you go to work.

For stand-up changes, side snapping diapers are great.

Hopefully, this is just a stage and you'll soon get back to more relaxed changes. For others, it's a reason to potty-train as soon as possible :)


Michelle said...

Great tips,..I often have to diaper my son while he's in motion!

Heather said...

snappi in the back!?! you learn something new every day... thanks! - heather mc