Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good-bye Newborn Poo :(

For parents who are worried that cloth diapering in the very beginning stages of infancy will be too stressful, I ask if they plan on breastfeeding. There are so many amazing benefits to breastfeeding, and easier diaper care is one of them.

The bowel movements of newborns and infants who exclusively breastfeed are liquid, runny and dissolve easily. There's no special care required- no dunking, no scraping, no spraying. Just toss your diapers into the pail, then into the washer. It seems like you should do more, but your regular washer cycles and detergent will really take care of it!

I've found that newborn poo does stain very easily. Fortunately, it's also an easy stain to sun. A half hour on a sunny day should take care of the worst of your staining. For those who cloth diaper right from the beginning, this kind of poo is great, since you are worried about so many other things in the beginning.

My daughter has been slowly eating more solids over the past 2 months. Sadly, the days of easy poo are gone. We're at that in-between, less fun (if poo is ever fun) peanut-butter consistency right now. How to tackle that yuck? More in the next post :)


Jackie at 3littleones said...

i couldnt agree more! newborn poo is so easy and makes cloth diapers a breeze for infants!!!! Compared to my 2 year old, I love to change my baby :) But I look forward to hearing how you deal w/ that pb poo as I just came across that today after I started my baby on solids recently. I miss the ebf poo!!!

Our Blessed Savior said...

I just atarted cloth diapering and since I breastfeed only right now I can relate to the ease of cleaning up the poo, I have a sprayer which I have yet to use and flushable liners are pretty useless at this point,I have a little trick for stains....I wash off the poo as soon as I change the diaper and in the bathroom sink I let the cold water run until all of the poo is gone with the exception of the stained dipe, I leave the diaper in cold water and add about what I would consider 3 pinches of Tide original detergent in the sink.....20 minutes later the stain is gone, and I rinse the dipe and ring it out and put it in the diaper pail, once washed with the other diapers good as new, to some this might sound like too much but I don't want poo staining or stinking up the diaper pail, so I do this step and it works great.