Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Diaper...

No, this isn't about the latest, greatest cloth diaper on the market. It's about any diaper that's new to you. I don't know if anyone else can relate, but there's a certain process here when a new diaper is on its way:

First, I have to decide what we "need" to try next. After picking a color and size, I place my order. Then I anxiously await a shipping notice. Try to plan my diaper laundry around its arrival. Resign myself to the fact that the day it does arrive, the mail will be just a bit later that day.

When the diaper arrives, I tear open the package, examine the diaper for about 30 seconds before washing it. If it's a diaper that needs several washes before reaching maximum absorbency, I confess that I usually cheat and only wash it about half the recommended amout of times. That's because I won't need maximum absorbency. My daughter has a knack for pooing within 10 minutes of wearing a new diaper.

The diaper is ready! I put it on and examine the fit. How is it when she's sitting, laying, etc? If needed I try it on different settings. Sometimes I take a picture, then wait for her to poop. After a few minutes, the diaper is off and in the diaper pail! Sometimes I push up the laundry so that I can wash it quickly and use it again. By this time, it's fully prepped and I'm able to keep it on longer. I'm able to get a better sense of how this diaper will work for us.

Happily, I have a new diaper that's in the wash now and just waiting for a little bottom! Fluffy mail wishes for all of you, too :)


Shelby said...

I am waiting on my first diaper purchase as we speak. I amy dying to try cloth on my 15 month old! Funny post.. i have those feelings and cloth has never donned her heiney!!

Michelle said...

Good luck with your first diapers!