Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunning your Diapers

It's a fact of life that your diapers will stain. Given what they go through, I'm always amazed my diapers look as good as they do. Sometimes, though, even the best care will not prevent staining. Care instructions from several top brands, including discourage the use of bleach. I admit that I've used it a few times on inserts and prefolds-the stains don't go away. Fortunately, a natural bleach exists. Better still, it's absolutely free. It's...the sun! "Sunning" diapers helps to remove or lighten many diaper stains.
Using the sun to bleach is very simple: simply lay wet diapers in sunlight. Any UV exposure will help to lighten the stains, whether the diapers are indoors or outdoors, in bright sun or cloud cover. Typically though, the stronger and more direct the sunlight, the better the results. Fifteen to twenty minutes is sufficient. Keeping diapers in bright sunlight for too long can cause diapers to wear more quickly.
The sun works to lighten stains on all garments. It can also help to remove old stains. I sunned my daughter's newborn diapers in the strong summer sun after a winter of weak light. The stains lightened or disappeared with a half-hour. Eco-friendly and free, it's worth a try!