Thursday, October 8, 2009

FAQ: Do I really need a diaper sprayer?

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This week's FAQ:
I recently received this question from a customer. Her child is starting solids...which means she has to start dealing with poo...

Q: Do I really need a diaper sprayer?

A: A diaper sprayer is a nice accessory to have. For most people, it's definitely not necessary to have one before the baby is eating solid foods. Even once solids start, you could use a wait-and-see approach. Some people have no problem dunking and swishing their diapers. Some like to use liners. Others have children who produce bowel movements that are very easy to shake into the toilet.

There are some people who find that a diaper sprayer is the only thing that keeps them using cloth diapers. Some kids go too often or have messy movements, and the sprayer is a lifesaver. A diaper sprayer is not a baby registry necessity. You could happily cloth diaper without it. But if you're getting to the point where you can't deal with another messy diaper, it may be time to look into getting a sprayer.
Some tips for using a sprayer:
1. Test it out on a clean diaper to get a sense of the water pressure and spray. Better to learn on a clean diaper than a messy blowout...
2. Hold the diaper low for cleaner results.
3. Have something nearby to put the diaper in. I can tell you from experience it's not fun to have a wet diaper in your hand and no where to put it!
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