Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Gift Ideas: Precious Tunes

If your children are like mine, they love music. My older daughter is always singing, testing the keys on the piano, or creating drums out of any available container. Her little sister has just started trying to keep up with her, so it won't be long until we have a kid's band at our house.
My daughter also loves hearing her name on the television, in books, or songs. It doesn't often come up, so it's special when it does. That's why Precious Tunes are so great.
Songs on each CD are personalized with your child's name. Pair a CD with a name poem and you've got a unique gift for any child! CD choices include Barney, Care Bears, preschool readiness and more.
Now through October 31, purchase any 2 CDs from Precious Tunes and receive a free gift. June from Precious Tunes is also offering blog readers a free Care Bears or Marvel heroes name poem. Just mention this blog when ordering (online or by phone). What a great deal!