Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Gift Ideas: VJs PJs

Looking for a gift that's practical and comfy yet unique? Check out VJs PJs. This new line is made by the amazing talented Vivian Taormina. Not only is she a wonderful massage therapist (I have personally gone to her), she is becoming a certified Shake Your Soul teacher and has somehow found the time to start another venture, VJs PJs.

These pajama bottoms are not your run of the mill one-of-a-kind custom pajamas. Each pair is created specifically in reponse to the style intake questionaire. Once she reads your answers and gets a sense of your personality, Vivian creates a pair of pajama pants suited to you. Each pair is a surprise. Just like you, these bottoms are truly unique!

Starting at $45, these pants are made from top-quality fabrics and can include many impressive touches, like hand applique, customer initials and more. The fabrics are prewashed, so they are ready to wear. In all aspects of her life, Vivian respects the environment, and this business is no exception. Only creating bottoms when she receives an order means this line is sustainable and there are no overstocks.

Check out the photo gallery for a sense of Vivian's creativity and style. I was sad that I couldn't make it to her Pajama Party photo shoot, but I look forward to ordering my own pair just as soon as I can figure out what I'd want to be in a room filled with...

These super-custom pajama pants can take 6-8 weeks for completion. Since the answers she asks to create the pants are so personal, you may consider purchasing the pants when the recipient of your gift can answer them. Don't hesitate to contact Vivian with questions about the process. I'll post pictures when I get my pair, please share your own when you get yours!