Thursday, November 19, 2009

FAQ: Can I use fleece pants as diaper covers?

I received this question from a customer interested in fleece covers. She wondered if fleece pants would work just as well. The answer: absolutely! I recently wrote an article on this very topic.
Some tips for using fleece pants as diaper covers:
  • ~Make sure the fleece is listed as being 100% polyester or has something like "micro", "performance", or "polar" in the title. Pants listed as fleece pants can also be a sweatshirt material, which won't work.
  • ~Most fleece pants are not tight enough to trifold a prefold, so you'll need a Snappi or pins for your prefolds.
  • ~If the fleece isn't really thick, you may get compression leaks. Try at home for a while before heading on a longer car ride or trip.

Fleece sleepers work the same way as fleece pants. Sometimes they can be a good "insurance" layer over your regular diaper at night or long car trip.

Now is the time when fleece is readily available, so give it a try and stock up now!