Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flip Diapers from Cottonbabies

New products from Cottonbabies are always highly anticipated, and the new Flip diapering system is no exception. All-in-two systems like Gro Baby and Softbums are all the rage this year, providing both a trim fit and lower cost-per-change. As soon as the design was released, diapering forums were discussing the desing and features of Flip. Not quite an all-in-two, but not the same as a prefold and cover...would Flip become a favorite diapering system?
My stock of Flip arrived on Tuesday. I wasted no time prepping my zinnia cover and both kinds of inserts to try on my daughter. The cover closure has a wipeable inner and features the butterfly closure that the organic all-in-one has. It has flaps on either end for tucking in the insert. The cover doesn't lie completely flat when lying down, so that the sides form gusset-like walls. I really liked the leg elastic-it was encased, not the fold-over elastic that many covers have. This is great news for babies that are sensitive to fold-over leg elastic!

The organic cotton insert is a prefold-style insert. Folding length or width-wise allows the insert to fit correctly on the different cover settings. The stay-dry insert folds down length-wise, but there is no folding width-wise.

After the correct amount of prep washes (the covers can bleed, so be sure to prep carefully), it was time to put it on my daughter! The cotton insert didn't plump up like I thought it might, so the trifolded fit was much trimmer than I expected it to be. If you use the organic all-in-one, you might find that you use a different snap setting. We were fine with the middle as we are on most other one-size diapers, but I was able to use a tighter setting on the waist. As with Bum Genius diapers, the stretch tabs helped to give a good fit. The fit was even trimmer with the stay-dry insert. We were able to use jeans without any fit problems!
One thing I did have to take care with was to make sure the stay-dry insert was on the right setting. I didn't fold it down at first, and it pushed up the flap in the front over the top of the diaper. It wasn't a leak issue so much as a looks issue. Other than that, I was really happy with the fit and absorbency of both inserts. With a cost-per-change of less than $9 for the stay-dry and less than $10 for the organic cotton (in the day packs), it seems like the Flip diapering system will quickly become a favorite!Disclosure: I sell Cottonbabies products, including Flip, in my store. I was not compensated by Cottonbabies for this post in any way, either monetary or material. The diapers that I reviewed were purchased by myself and not given to me by Cottonbabies. My experience with the diaper may not be the same as your experience, as diapers have different fits on babies of different shapes and sizes.