Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Gift Ideas: Doodlebuckets

It seems that I always know someone who is expecting. Lately the wave of babies have been second babies, so there haven't been many showers to go to. For close friends and family, though, I do like to give the new baby a gift to welcome them. The trouble is, there isn't too much that a second baby usually "needs". If it's a baby of the opposite gender, then clothing is always an option, even if it's a little boring. Next time I need a baby gift, I'm definitely going to check out the offerings at Doodlebuckets. They combine practical baby items with fun presentation.

Doodlebuckets has a large selection of baby gift baskets, with items and price ranges to fit many budgets. My favorite section, though, is the Baby Bunches. The gift items are arranged to look like cupcakes, potted flowers and flower bouquets. It just creates a special touch that makes your gift stand out. So much more practical that real flowers that will wilt, but just as attractive!
Amy at Doodlebuckets is happy to help you create a special gift, whether it be personalized, organic or mom-centered. Check out Doodlebuckets today!