Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Gift Ideas: Naturity

Looking for bath and body products made from organic ingredients and without a lot of unnecessary preservatives and chemicals? Check out Naturity. They offer a great range of bath and body products, mothering items like nipple cream and belly cream and baby bath items as well. 99-100% of the ingredients in Naturity products are certified organic. To date, 24 of their products have received a zero (0) toxicity rating from Environmental Working Group. This is the best score you can receive!
Naturity seeks to reduce waste and offers incentives for recycling product containers. Their products don't have a lot of complicated ingredients and are optionally scented with real essential oils, not fragrance oils. I love that I can read the ingredients list and understand what's in the products.

While any of their products would make great gifts, they offer different gift baskets, complete with recycled paper shred to fill them.

Check out Naturity through their site. You can also shop for their products at Snooty Booty as well. I'm proud to offer these products from a fellow New Jersey business! This week (Nov.9-15), with any Naturity order through Snooty Booty Diapers, receive a free diaper balm!