Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rocky Mountain Diapers

Do you love the idea of a one-size diaper but don't love the bulk? While snap-down diapers become less bulky as your child grows, it can still be difficult to wear tighter pants or jeans with many one-size diapers. Maybe a Rocky Mountain Diaper is for you!

The internal leg adjustment of Rocky Mountain diapers helps to reduce this bulk. Since the fabric is distributed throughout the diaper, the fit is trimmer overall. I don't find this adjustment system to be convenient to adjust frequently between children of different sizes, but it's great for one child. Being able to adjust the leg holes smaller is also a bonus on smaller babies and newborns, since gaps on smaller legs often mean leaks. Tracie of Rocky Mountain Diapers explains the evolution of the internal adjustment system at Rocky Mountain's site.

Rocky Mountain Diapers have PUL outers and suedecloth inners. I love that the inners are different colors and not just white. This helps reduce stain visibility and allows for some really great color combinations. Rocky Mountain Diapers are made in the USA and now include inserts as well!

These diapers are definitely worth trying out~see the post below for your chance to win one!