Friday, November 27, 2009

Thirsties Duo Diaper

I really love Thirsties products, so I was very excited to hear about the new Duo diaper announced last month. Just released last week, this diaper is already creating a "buzz" for eager Thirsties fans. With a combination of hemp and microfiber snapped together, this diaper combines the absorbency of hemp with the quickness of microfiber. Like the Duo Wrap, Thirsties incorporated a 2-size design to decrease cost but improve fit. I was fortunate enough to test this diaper out this week and am happy to share my experience:

Since my daughter is about 22 lbs., I opted to go with the size 2 Duo. With the Duo Wrap, we use the medium setting, but I found that with the Duo Diaper, I could use the smallest setting or the middle setting. It definitely sat lower on the smallest setting, but there was still full coverage. I liked the trimmer fit of the Duo Wrap and was pleased to see that the fit of the Duo Wrap was just as nice. So, while the fit was great, how did it work?

Here are the prepping instructions and some fit tips right from Thirsties:
Normal washing instructions for microfiber diapers apply to the sleeve part of the diaper – one warm or hot wash and you are ready to go!

For the Insert, you will need to wash and dry three times (separately from your other diapers) to rid the Hemp fabric of natural oils and fluff for absorbency: Just throw in with your whites or light colors on Hot or Warm. After the initial three washes, you can wash as normal with all of your diaper laundry.
After washing, if you notice that the Hemp Insert is a bit longer than the Microfiber insert when the two ends are snapped together – it is because the hemp cradles the microfiber (the way it does when it is being worn). When they lie flat, the hemp will be a bit longer…but the diaper is not worn flat, it is worn cradled."

I need to admit here that I did wash the hemp 3 times with other laundry (my husband loves new diaper days, as the laundry never gets done so quickly), but I only dried in the dryer once before testing it out. So, while it may not have had all hemp oils, I don't think the fibers were as plumped as they might have been. I also did not dry the cover in the dryer, but allowed it to air dry. I didn't fully prep 1. out of a little bit of impatience and 2. I like to see how a diaper performs when it's not fully prepped. It's important to have that information when troubleshooting problems.

At first, I did get some wicking around the leg gussets even though the inserts were not soaked. I took this as a sign that my prepping was not complete. It's a good example of how important proper prepping is to fully evaluate performance. Many people complain about lack of absorbency with new diapers, but a lot of times I think the reason is half-ready diaper. The next time around, I put the insert through the dryer a couple of times (it doesn't take too long to dry, even when both parts are snapped together) and ran the cover in the dryer on low for 20 minutes.

Our second time around, the diaper held a ton without any wicking. I expect that the insert will continue to increase absorbency over the next few washings. On the third time, I tried out the hemp insert alone. I'm happy with the fit using both inserts, but was interested to see how the hemp performed alone. This made the diaper a good deal trimmer and it was still reasonably absorbent. Using the hemp alone is definitely a viable option.

The openings at both ends made it easy for me to just toss the diaper in the wash without shaking the insert out. Drying time for the inserts was reasonable as well. One feature that I found to be unique to Thirsties is the flap in the front of the pocket. It's just like the flap that holds in the prefold on a Thirsties cover. For the Duo Diaper, it helps to hold in the insert. This is great for people who want a pass-through pocket but are worried about the insert poking out of the front.

If you like Thirsties products (and like the Duo Wrap especially), the Duo Diaper is one you may want to consider. The Duo Diaper will make a welcome addition to the rest of my Thirsties products. I've had great luck with Thirsties products and expect this diaper to be the same. Just be sure to fully prep before using...I took the mystery out of what happens to impatient people :)
Edited to add: Fully prepped, this diaper holds a TON. I sent my daughter out on a little outing with dad in it. As expected, the extra diapers I sent came home unused (typical), so this diaper was going on several hours of wear. Dry outside, but inside, the inserts were soaked. It really did a great job of holding everything in! Once a diaper passes the daddy-outing test, I know that it's a keeper :).

Also, be sure to scroll down to the next post to find out how to win a Duo Diaper! These are on sale at Snooty Booty Diapers through Cyber Monday :)

Disclaimer: I do sell Thirsties products in my store. Thirsties provided a Duo Diaper to me. I was not given any financial incentive or compensation for my review.



Stephanie said...

I just got one of these and am excited to try it! :)

Thanks for the thorough review.

Michelle said...

It really is a great diaper-Thirsties products have worked so well for both my daughters. Just be sure to prep fully, otherwise it can be discouraging!