Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day=Boxing up the stuff you don't need anymore!

On Christmas Eve, I posted about hoping to be "stuff-neutral" this holiday, or giving away as much as we received. Today I took inventory of our Christmas gifts and planned a strategy to reduce the amount of stuff in our home. Fortunately, some of our gifts were restaurant certificates or (very exciting!) for a massage. No stuff collected there, unless you count the calories I'll collect in my bottom. I also am not sure that my idea for giving away like items-a sweater for a sweater-will be entirely workable, but I'm going to do my best. Here's the plan:
~Go through each room and put anything we aren't really using in a box.
~Once all of our unused items are collected, I'll sort through the items that my younger daughter might use once she's old enough, or seasonal toys (why there are beach toys still in our living room, I don't know).
~Anything that's marked as going will get sorted into items that will be donated, given away on Freecycle, or given away to friends. I'll save some items for a yard sale, but not much.
Wednesday is our recycling pick-up, so I'm going to make sure that any boxes are flattened and old papers are sorted through by then. I'm happy to report that there's almost no extra trash going out, since we were able to recycle all of the wrapping paper and toy boxes. Any gift bags will be saved for next year.
I'm trying to look past the worry of "what if"-What if my daughter misses that toy? What if I want to wear that sweater? and focus on how much more peaceful I feel when there's less stuff to keep track of.
Hope your holiday was wonderful and that you're able to organize your new stuff!



The Jacobsen Family! said...

We try to do something similar after each Christmas. Our kids get toys for Christmas and aren't interested in their "old" toys anymore, so we go through them and box them up to save for later (when they'll be "new" again), or donate.
I love your idea of going room to room and doing that though. It would really help clean the place up!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I can assure you, you most likely won't miss anything because you'll be reveling in your mental state of simplicity. We have spent the last 2 years aggressively ridding ourselves of stuff and aggressively returning all the stuff people give us. Here's a tip for he first big sweep: box it and label it and store it for 3 months. That way if you did make any rash decisions, you have access HOWEVER DONT GO THROUGH THEM AGAIN- if you haven't opened the box in 3 months it goes straight to donations. The lupus foundation will come straight to your door!
ENJOY! I can't say enough about how this has changed everything for our family.

Michelle said...

I've got a few boxes filled up, but probably haven't been as aggressive as I could be. I've donated to Red Cross and Lupus in the past because I love that they come to my door. I'll have to schedule some pick-ups when I feel I'm pretty done. I like the idea of boxing it up and not going through it again!