Saturday, December 19, 2009

More reasons to increase the fleece

I really do love winter-maybe it has something to do with having a winter birthday. Even before I started cloth diapering, I had a lot of fleece clothing. It's great for winter-warm, soft and cozy. I would wear fleece during my college kayaking class as a "wicking layer" and always made sure to have a layer of fleece when shoveling snow. Over the past few days, we've been wearing a lot of fleece in this household, whether wearing diapers or not.
My youngest daughter, who is still in diapers, has been wearing a lot of prefolds and fleece pants during the day. It allows more air to her bottom during the months when layers of clothing make this difficult.
Two separate times this past month, I've been really glad that my daughters were wearing fleece. (Well, three times-we used fleece pants under our 3 year old's snowsuit and it kept her dry and warm. Not diapering-related though). The first was a night my husband got the girls ready for bed. He didn't make sure the prefold was fully tucked into the cover, and it got very wet. Fortunately, my youngest was wearing a fleece sleeper. It kept the sheets dry, even though the wetness leaked onto her PUL cover. The second was when my 3 year old had an unusual night accident. She yelled that she had to potty, but didn't make it before I got to her. The fleece acted as a barrier for those few seconds. Had she been wearing cotton, it would have immediately soaked through to the sheets. The bed was dry, though, so we only needed a quick clean up and PJ change before heading back to sleep.
Hooray for fleece!




I had no idea fleece was so awesome. I need to know more about fleece covers bc I do worry about the diaper rash coming back since there is always a PUL cover or something similar on her.

Stephanie said...

Totally agree! We put our 9 month old in fleece pj's whenever we use a fleece cover at night (well, heck, even during the day, lol). It's fabulous!