Thursday, December 24, 2009


So it's not a normal Christmas Eve post title, but it's my focus for this Christmas season. If you're like me (and most people) you probably put more time and money than you really wanted into gift-giving. I don't know how many times I have said since Thanksgiving, "The girls really have more stuff than they need. We don't need anything-really! And we especially don't need anything big and/or requiring C and D size batteries." Seriously, I think it's a conspiracy between toy and battery companies. It can be the smallest toy, and it uses 4 C batteries. Do any products besides toys even use C batteries?

Fortunately, I haven't gotten grumpy and have still been able to enjoy the simple joys of the season, like my daughter's holiday party at pre-school, our tree, and watching old holiday specials. I'm really just happy to spend time with my family.

Still, I'd like to end the year without the normal hangover of too much receiving. Each January I feel like I'm just sifting through more stuff, which makes me go out and buy more stuff (like bins and organizers) to house it. So, next week, my challenge is to give away one thing for each item we receive. If I get a sweater, I'm finding one to give away. My goal is to be stuff-neutral. If possible, stuff-negative, giving away more than we received. My next few posts will focus on how to get rid of what you don't want without adding it to a landfill!

Merry Christmas!




I like how you call it a "stuff hangover". We tried to be soooo explicit about how we and especially the baby want for NOTHING.. we even did a little registry for her so at least we could direct people to non-toxic, wooden toys etc.. I am dreading the stuff hangover. I like the stuff neutral theory. We have also done "Get Rid of 50 Things" right before the holidays, which is also helpful.

Lil Mouse said...

I agree to be stuff neutral is pretty good. With her new big girl toys, her jumperoo and bouncer, which she hasn't been interested in for longer than 2 minutes in a couple of months, are getting put away for possibly another baby, as well as other little bitty baby toys. Out come the blocks, shape sorters and farm sets, puzzles and some of the stuffed animals for bigger kids! The rest is being closeted. I agree for people who are done with families they should donate, possibly BEFORE Christmas next year even!