Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guest Blogger: Diaper Free?!?

Thanks to Charndra of for sending in this post about elimination communication(EC):

I love practicing EC! Like using modern cloth diapers, it's also addictive and a lot of fun!

'Practicing' is the key word there, as it isn't an activity for perfectionists.

We have two sons. The youngest is one year old. Since birth we have only been using diapers part-time with him. With our 4 year old we did the same. In his first two years we reduced our diaper use with Baby Pottying, using washable cloth diapers and training pants, and simply 'catching' his wees and more in a little potty.

We find it great fun to sing a song with your baby on the potty each morning, and when they wake up from sleeps, it's the easiest way to begin. Hey presto, there's a couple less diapers each day.

Considering between 6 and 8 thousand diapers are estimated to be used when full-time disposable diapering, and between 1- 2 tonnes of waste produced, reducing that a little is a very green thing to do.

What I found wonderful about EC with our first baby, as new parents, was that this was the reason for a lot of fussing and crying - he needed to WEE and his bladder was uncomfy, so he cried! A timely potty break (holding him over the laundry tub - and BAM, he'd fall asleep settled after a good poop and a piddle. Imagine the empowerment we felt!

EC helps us to dramatically REDUCE our use of diapers, 'catching' their waste in a potty rather than a diaper whenever possible, and diapers are there for decorum, 'backup' (as you can't catch them all) and peace of mind at other times. When using cloth diapers, you have the benefit of less washing to do along with an enhanced awareness of your baby's elimination needs.

It's great fun, anyone can give it a go - striving for one less diaper a day is a wonderful daily activity to 'play' with your baby.

Many people are scared off by thinking diapers can't or shouldn't be used with EC - but like anything, it is a practice one can ease into gradually. Starting with some diaper free time each day, and offering baby a 'potty break' at diaper changes is pretty easy to do - their diaper is already off.

I encourage anyone curious to explore the idea a bit more and give it a go!


Check out more info on EC and get a guided tour at