Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loopy Do Inserts: Fine Fluffy Feature

It becomes a dilemma for many pocket users-what kind of material is best for inserts? Microfiber absorbs quickly, but hemp is trim and very absorbent. Some people use both, but Knickernappies eliminated the need to use 2 different inserts with the Loopy Do insert.

Most microfiber inserts are 3 layers of microfiber. It's a good amount to have adequate absorbency without being too bulky. Loopy Do inserts have 2 layers of microfiber and 2 layers of hemp. The 2 layers of hemp are super trim, yet they add more absorbency to the insert than a third layer of microfiber. It's the perfect combination for creating a more absorbent pocket diaper! In order to speed drying time, the layers are not sew completely together,creating a "loop". This helps a Loopy Do dry almost as quickly as a regular microfiber insert.

The microfiber layers are on the outside of the insert, since microfiber tends to absorb more quickly than hemp. The same loop sewing that helps the insert dry faster also allows it to be turned inside out. It's possible to use this insert with the hemp layer touching baby's bottom. This versatility allows a pocket diaper to be used as an all-in-two! I tested this out with the Knickernappies one size. While I prefer to use it as a pocket, it's actually not a bad fit, and can help to get some more uses out of a pocket diaper if you find yourself short some diapers on laundry day.

There are many fine fluffy features to the Loopy Do insert. It's a really great product, and (like all Knickernappies products), made in the USA!



Beccalynn said...

Those are my absolute FAVORITE insert!!!