Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stuff Update

I'm still in the process of thinning out all the "stuff" in my home. The boxes are bags are filling up, even if they're not leaving my home as quickly as I'd like. These are the ways I pass along what we can't use:

~Friends and family-I love to "gift" items to friends and family. If I hear them mention they need it, I mention that I have it and would love to give it. This doesn't happen as often as it should, but it's the most immediate and efficient way of passing things along.

~Donating-Nothing feels better than sending unwanted items to people that need them and can use them. I used to donate a lot to a local animal shelter thrift shop. As they became more restrictive in what they take, I've found the convenience of the Red Cross and Lupus Foundation pick-ups. All I do is schedule a time, leave it outside, and they come take it away!

~Yard sales-I really like having yard sales. It's more fun than a money maker, and it's so satisfying to downsize stuff quickly. It's also a good way to unload stuff that charities don't accept. Unlike Freecycle, Ebay and Craigslist, there's no waiting for pick-ups and payment. It's so immediately gratifying.

~Craigslist-I've had more success finding stuff to buy off of Craigslist rather than selling. I think it's all about posting the right stuff at the right time.

~Ebay/, I've bought more than sold. is great for selling textbooks, which my library won't accept for donation.

~Paperback Swap-This is a great way to pass along good books and request them in return. I use this when my library has a long wait list or for books that are out of print.

~Freecycle-I think it really depends on your area and the spirit of those posting, but my Freecycle is pretty good. There are a few outlandish requests, but most are reasonable, and the offers are also decent. It's a great site for giving away items that are hard to sell/donate, like cardboard boxes, electronic items, and other random things. I've given away a few things in the past few days, and with each person that carts something away, I feel a little bit lighter. Ahhhh!

With all this, I'm having a hard time finding a home for the hundred or so white store hangers that come with children's clothing. I try to leave these at the register, but still they accumulate. Any ideas? I hate to throw them away.



Lil Mouse said...

doesn't your community have recycling? we take our store hangers there to get rid of them, along with cans, bottles, newpapers, etc. Our 'trash', because we use cloth diapers, is about 1 kitchen trash can a week, and that's the accumulations from bathrooms and other areas of the house that collect things as well. We probably recycle about that much each week as well, even if it's not taken each week. In other words, by recycling, we cut our garbage going to the landfill in half.

Michelle said...

We recycle a lot, but the plastic hangers aren't accepted in my community or any around here that I know of. I always try to leave them in the store, but when I receive gifts, they are almost always attached. I was hoping someone had a suggestion for where I could bring them!