Monday, January 4, 2010

WAHM Spotlight: A Mommy Made It

Do you love to find great reusable items? Love to support moms in business? Love blogs? A yes to any of these questions is a sign that you should check out A Mommy Made It. It's a combination blog/store headed by Dory. The idea was to concentrate different mom-owned businesses into one outlet. Each mom makes her own goods and ships from her own location. The blog and store provide one-stop shopping and combined resources to make having a business and being a mom a little easier.
Currently all of the moms selling items at A Mommy Made It are Mennonite. It's not a requirement, though, and they are always looking for new talent! If you're a mom that makes useful products (no phoof says Dory), you might like to contact them.
A look through the store turned up some great items. I loved the bag holders and tie purse. Check out what's offered today!