Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feel the Cloth Diaper Love!

Thanks for those that entered the's what you all had to say about loving cloth diapers...I saw a common theme run through a lot of the answers. :)

<3 I have more than one reason to love cloth! I love it because it's cheaper than disposables, it's so adorable I LOVE changing diapers, and it's great for the environment.
<3 I love cloth diapers because they are cheaper, easy, and so cute!
<3 I love cloth diapering because I love to pat that fluffy little padded tushy all day long. My son knows it is mama's strange sign of affection. :)
<3 I love cloth diapering because not only is it better for the environment but they make baby look soooo much cuter. There are so many different kinds out there so you can choose whatever works and looks cutest for you.
<3 We haven't started cloth diapering yet, as our littlest one isn't born yet (we did disposables with our first 3). But I am so looking forward to it! I love the idea that I will be saving our family money. I love that I am helping the environment. And I love that they're so stinkin' cute! <3>
<3 Oh my, I love cloth diapers because I am doing a little something better for the environment and landfills, a lot something better for my little boo's bum, and surprisingly we now have fewer messes which is a GREAT added bonus!
<3 I love cloth diapers for lots of reasons. They are better for my baby, save money, reduce waste, and (bonus) are so much fun! I had no idea how I would enjoy the whole process of cloth diapering my baby. Can't wait to start with a newborn next time!
<3 What's not to love? I love them because they're adorable, soft on my baby's bottom, and because I just bought a cheetah minky one that is too cute for words! Can't get that from huggies!
<3 I love cloth diapers because: 1. They're cheaper than sposies 2. They're cuter than sposies 3. They're more convenient than sposies (read: no emergency runs to the store in a snowstorm because we're out of diapers.
<3 I love cloth because what is cuter than a baby with a fluffy bum!
<3 I love cloth because it makes my sweet little girls tushie look so very cute!
<3 I love cloth diapers because they are comfy for baby, a great fit (no blow-outs), they save us money, and they don't fill up my trash can (and landfills). I also NEVER need to run out to the store because we ran out of diapers.
<3 I love cloth for my babies! It is so much cheaper than disposables, and it's better for their skin and for the environment. And they are soooo cute. I am particularly into flats right now, I love how cute they look! And knitted wool longies over the top. Sooo cute, and addictive.
<3 I love cloth because of the savings--both financially and environmentally. Plus, fluff is just so cute!
<3 I can't say I love CDing for saving money... I spend too much on cute fluff! But I do love that there is less of an environmental impact, that my sixth month old has never had a rash since switching to cloth, and most of all, for how CDing has led to great conversations and meeting new people. I can't count how many times other mamas have asked about our diapers in pubic restrooms while I was changing DS.
Keep an eye out next week for a reader-submitted post on this topic as well. Happy Valentine's Day!