Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Focus: AMP One Size Duo

It's not often that someone tells me they found the "Holy Grail of cloth diapers", but that's what one customer recently proclaimed about the AMP One size Duo. What's AMP? How is it one size AND a duo? Read on for these answers and more :)

AMP Diapers stands for Annie Marie Padorie. Like many brands, her diapers were created in the search for the perfect cloth diaper. Along the way, she started making her own and refining her pattern. Now, AMP Diapers are popular throughout much of Canada (Annie lives in Manitoba).

Why is this diaper a duo? Very simply, it's designed to function as a pocket diaper or an all-in-two. This dual functionality gives the Duo its name! The Duo's design gives a fit unlike most other diapers on the market. Even though it's a one-size diaper, it's not bulky.

When I first tried the one size duo, it looked like it would work best on babies with small waists. I was relieved when it fit my chunky-waisted girl and found the fit was unique. The leg design is cute and keeps the elastic around the openings nice and gentle. I have used it as both an all-in-two and a pocket. I was able to reuse the shell a couple of times without a problem. To keep it fresher, you may wish to let the shell air dry between uses.

The Duo has a front pocket opening. Normally this is not my favorite since I'm so used to reaching at the back for the opening. More important, the front opening sometimes means that the insert pokes out the front. Again, my worries were for nothing. The elastic at the front and the nature of the pocket opening meant that nothing would escape. The pocket opening is covered. It creates a flap that's great for tucking the soaker when using it as an all-in-two. Looking at this diaper, you can tell a lot of attention was given to making this a functional dual system.

You can use any insert in the diaper, from microfiber to prefolds. There's plenty of room as a pocket or a shell. AMP has some great hemp inserts that are trim and absorbent. To use it as an all-in-two stay dry, the Flip inserts actually fit in this as well.

If you're looking for something a little different, you may want to consider the Duo. Sized options are available, as well as a version that's only an all-in-two. Right now I'm mainly carrying the one size, but I can add to my offering as interest and demand permits!

Disclaimer: I do carry AMP Diapers in my store. I received no monetary or material compensation for this post and the views are entirely my own. I purchased the AMP Diaper I currently use. Your own experiences with this diaper will depend on your diapering needs and the fit of the diaper on your child.




For some reason I cannot get a hold of what an all in two is...

Michelle said...

Basically it's a cross between an all in one and a prefold/cover. You change the soaker out and resuse the shell. Similar to the Flip system.