Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RDA's New Night Diapering Campaign

As cloth diapering parents, most of you have heard of the Real Diaper Association. Some of you may be familiar with its newest campaign, 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers. By focusing on a different topic each quarter, it is the RDA's goal to support as many families as possible in using cloth diapers 100% of the time.

This quarter's focus in night diapering. While I've written on this topic before (at CDMS, Cloth Diaper News and Examiner), I wanted to revisit it with the new campaign. If you're currently struggling with a night solution, the RDA has a great tip sheet for parents to submit information. Here are some of my suggestions:
~hemp keeps night diapers trim and absorbent
~fitteds or prefolds and covers can work better for some children than pocket diapers
~use a fleece cover or sleeper over the diaper as an added layer of protection
Some Facebook Fans contributed their ideas:
My best night time solution is a good quality thick fitted (my favorite is an Ellabella Bottoms) with a fleece inner to keep baby dry paired with a wool wrap cover (Loveybums). Never a problem or a leak.
FuzziBunz with standard insert and joey bunz hemparoo insert! It's been bulletproof so far!

I think the secret to successful night cloth diapering is trying many options until you find what works. Just the same as day diapering, there is no "best" option and too many people get hung up on doing what works for everyone else. Then they get disappointed when it doesn't work and they feel like giving up. Also, keep in mind that as your baby grows and changes, so do his diapering needs. What works at night now may not be the same in 3 months. Be willing to change and adapt.

One of our favorites has been a Sandys bamboo fitted with a hemp doubler and a fleece or other stay-dry liner, all worn inside either a wool wrap or wool longies.

I never liked doing cloth at night because of all the bulk,but now I am using a Booroi bamboo prefold with any cover(usually a Booroi,or Bummis,sometimes Aristocrats) and it holds like the Hoover Dam!!!!

Some great night diapering products are SuperDo inserts and Drybees Fleece Pockets. I have created a new Night Diapering focus page at Snooty Booty Diapers and would love for some feedback on what to add to it, as well as some great products you love for nighttime.
When you think you are ready, be sure to get your badge to show that you're committed to 100% cloth diapers at night. I've proudly added the badge to the left sidebar of this blog.
Add some of your suggestions to the tip sheet, and don't forget to post them here as well. For those of you in NJ, check out the Central Jersey Diaper Circle page. This month's meeting topic is night diapering. Everyone is invited to bring their favorite night solution for "show and tell."



Heather said...

I love the idea of a night diapering show and tell at your Circle meeting. Hmmmm.... maybe we should do that here! Thanks!

Bets said...

We use cloth at night... works great! His bum is rather huge though. ;)