Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rockin' Green Detergent

I started hearing buzz about Rockin' Green a few months ago. I put it on my "things to try" list and let it kind of sit there. After a few customers e-mailed me about it and told me how much they loved it, I felt like it was time to take the plunge and try it.

Rockin' Green was developed to be an earth, HE machine and diaper friendly detergent. Right now, it's available in 2 versions-soft, for sensitive skin and soft water, and classic. Look for a "hard rock" version out later this year, targeted specifically for those with hard water. The classic rock version is fine for those with moderate hard water, so don't worry if you want to try it now.

Until I was sure about how it worked with my water and machine, I opted to buy two sample bags. They were reasonably priced and gave me enough loads in each sample to get a good feel of how the detergent performed. Although scented versions are available, I decided to get unscented. The formulas are due out with essential oils soon, but right now all the scents use fragrance oils. I prefer to avoid them (and usually opt for unscented when possible).

I liked this detergent on both my clothes and diapers. Even though I have an HE machine, I appreciated that detergent is not one with stingy measurements. I could add a little more to more soiled loads and wasn't stuck with a million rinses. The directions suggest that if you're really battling stinkies, you can do a soak with the detergent. My washer doesn't have a good soak option, so I didn't try this. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who did.

Samples are reasonably priced, as is shipping for them. If you're looking to try something new, it's worth a look.

Disclaimer: This review was based on my own experiences. Your own will vary depending on your washer and water supply. I purchased the samples myself and did not receive any compensation from Rockin' Green for this post. I do not currently carry Rockin' Green in my store, but may look into it when the natural oil scents are released.



Lil Mouse said...

You can't soak covers with aplix can you? I'm thinking our water in this apartment just stinks or there's something wrong with the washer? the rinse water stinks, or just by the time I've got everything rinsed, there's an odor left on my pul/pockets, the inserts seem okay. I'd love a reply to this, we're getting ready to move and will end up with a small stacked (front loading) washer and dryer, and I dont know if those call for different amounts of detergent or not! jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

How far are you moving? Around here, the water from one town to the next can be completely different. Maybe even a short move will improve your water.

I wouldn't soak anything with elastic too long-some washers have a built-in soak for like an hour or so. That's not much different than the wash time. I think some caution against soaking in a pail all the time or overnight. I wouldn't worry about a short soak cycle on the washer.

Anonymous said...

I read that PUL covers (e.g. bummis, etc.) should not be kept with soiled diapers and should not be washed with them because they can absorb stink. I wash the diaper covers with my child's clothes (after rinsing any soiled ones), and I have not had any problems with stink build up on them. Also - how many steps are you using for your wash routine? A cold water wash without soap first is recommened, then a hot wash with detergent. Supposedly hot water can fix in "stink", hence the cold wash first. Good luck.