Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thirsties Duo Front Flap

While I find pocket diapers to be one of the most convenient and versatile diaper styles, many people dislike taking the insert out of a dirty diaper. Some brands have an opening on both ends of the pocket so that the insert easily agitates out of the diaper in the washer. While this makes laundry easier, sometimes the insert can poke out of the front of the diaper. This happens most often when the front has no elastic.

In order to help combat this insert escape, Thirsties Duo Diaper has the same flap in front as its covers do. Just as the front flap helps to hold trifolded prefolds in the cover, the flap helps to keep the front of the insert secure in the pocket diaper. I love that I don't need to worry about the insert, whether I'm putting the diaper on or throwing it in the wash.

What a fine fluffy feature! Unfortunately it's difficult to get a good picture of this feature. If you are worried about inserts sticking out but you hate to take inserts out of pockets, then make sure to look for the flap on the Thirsties Duo.



Jill said...

Very cool! I have another diaper that has openings on both ends, I won it through the GCDH, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be unstuffed or not, I do it anyway, I guess, but it doesn't have elastic on the end, so it tends to wick out for naps. Nice for daytime in rotation, but bad at night. I haven't tried the duo, but I keep trying to win one, as my diaper purchases are being stopped along with everything but necessities these days!