Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Do I Love Cloth Diapers? Let Me Count The Ways...

Thank you to Jill for submitting this post as part of the last CDMS giveaway!

Why do I love cloth diapers? How do I love the(m)? Let me count the ways.
1. They're cute. Uber cute, and you don't have to expose your kid to Elmo, Blues Clues or Mickey Mouse to get cute!
2. They don't feel like plastic.
3. They don't sound like plastic.
4. They don't suffocate, rip, or shred like plastic.
5. There's that fluffy booty bump!
6. I can do something nice for my environment.
7. No chemicals!
8. No late night runs to the store.
9. Doing something my friends haven't done yet, but are considering, because I can do it. In other words, I'm being a leader for my community!
10. Guaranteed 5 minutes of quiet when we're sitting, stuffing pocket diapers as a family. Aww. Try communing over a pack of Pampers.
11. No fake baby powder stink.
12. Knowing I'm putting something as clean as possible on my baby's bum.
13. No trash cans/bags full of nasty diapers sitting around until trash day.
14. Easy to use.
15. Great conversation starter.
16. Plenty of older people give thumbs up. I respect my elders' opinions.
17. Try winning free diapers from a corporation.
18. Cloth diapers go on better sales than 'sposies.
19. I can use them on another baby.
20. They are repairable and have a warranty.
21. They are able to be re-sold when I'm done with them.
22. My friends could borrow them and give them back and it wouldn't be disgusting.
23. I can use the same diapers from birth to potty training and never have more expense.
24. There are many kinds, so if I try one and it doesn't work, I'm not stuck with a whole box of potential leak hazards!
25. The CD industry is such a close-knit community and everyone is willing to share their knowledge.
26. Manufacturers stand behind their products and work to improve them.
27. The CD industry is giving and supports in times of disaster (earthquake in Haiti).
28. CD'ing is natural, and goes back for thousands of years.
29. There are a ton of different ways to cloth diaper, yet it unites people with a common purpose.
30. I could go on and on, but I think I will say this at the last: I cloth diaper because I LOVE to cloth diaper, and I will never go back!

Lots of awesome reasons, Jill! Your reasons are well-worded and could probably convince many of the biggest skeptics to try cloth diapers.


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