Monday, March 29, 2010

Business Spotlight: Beana Baby

I love browsing and shopping in children's boutiques. It's always fun to find a brand or product I've never heard of before. For some, though, the only local stores are chains or big box stores. These are great for some things, but not so great for finding "high-end" or unique baby products.

Amber started Beana Baby in 2006 with this purpose in mind. Instead of driving long distances to find a great sling or baby gift, she's made it easy to shop from your home. Beana Baby strives to offer high quality products, unique designs and a great shopping experience.

In addition to the large selection of slings and gifts, Beana Baby offers a great array of tutus for all occasions and custom-embroidered children's clothing. There's also a "Mom Shop" with nursing supplies and jewelry. I really love the selection of merchandise. The quality pictures on the site make it hard not to add everything to my cart!

Check out the great products available at Beana Baby and enjoy a 20% discount with code "Snooty."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this article! I visited the site and its GREAT!