Monday, March 15, 2010

Business Spotlight: Happy Hats by Lori

From jewelry-making to drawing, Lori Heninger has a creative (and talented) spirit. Her latest endeavor is Happy Hats by Lori. Her store's tagline is "Warming heads and hearts one laugh at a time." Not content to create run-of-the-mill hats, Lori's hats are works of art!

A glance through her wares shows her artistic flair, with hats that incorporate genuine turquoise and ribbon. She makes tams, floppy hats and more traditional ski caps. Each hat has a "little something" added to it. If you're dressing warm and thinking warm, her hula hat fits the bill. I never realized how fun winter hats could be! These impressive styles are unique, fun and very wearable.

While her store currently stocks adult hats, Lori creates hats for children and babies as well. Take a look and see what she can come up with for you!